About Us

The evolution of the store that today stands as ‘Gangarams  started in

1965 in Bangalore, India, as ‘Bangalore Book Bureau’ near, what once used to be the centre of the city, Kapali Theatre. The two-storey bookstore was treated with much reverence in the city, since it was a pioneer in the art of book-selling of all varieties. The city of Bangalore itself, emphasised largely on academics, good schooling for children, with speedy scientific and technology growth, the store was and continues to be a boon to the city.


All our outlets continue to stock books in a variety of subjects making sure that we have a something for any and every customer. We also remain determined to store books and products related to education only. Since 1965, we have grown leaps and bounds by opening four stores, each varying from 5000sq feet to 12,000 sq ft. 


In 1975, we opened our second store and named it ‘Gangarams Book Bureau’
after the late Mr. N. Gangaram.  The store stood tall for 45 years on  M.G. Road providing books for anybody between 6 and 60 years of age. A third store was opened in Hyderabad, India called ‘Gangarams’, in 1992.  This, unfortunately, had to be closed down in 2002 due to unforeseen circumstances. 


In 2007, we opened another branch in Indiranagar. The bookstore was conceived to fulfill the popular demand of the IT hub. 


Gangarams has reigned long in brink and mortar store sector, now it is time for the company to go online and cater to the book-loving customers on the internet.

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