• Close To Home
  • ISBN : 9789383074822
  • Publisher : Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd

Close To Home

Parvati Sharma
  • INR 399.00


'A breezy novel with snappy dialogue and mercurial twists of plot' ---Bapsi Sidhwa
All Mrinalini Singh wants, she has. A loving husband, a competent cook, the vague hope of a book deal one day. But when her old roommate Jahanara accuses her of being selfish, Mrinalini is forced to practise altruism on the nearest available target: her maid's toddler. All this caring doesn't come easy, though; and it hardly helps that her husband Siddhartha has quit his lucrative job and acquired parental ambitions. Or that Brajeshwar Jha, her upstairs tenant and literary rival, has not only published his book before Mrinalini, but also lampooned her and Siddhartha in it.

Close to Home is a wry look at the small compromises, manipulations and sustained self-delusion of young men and women possessed of good fortune . . . and only looking for good lives.

The Author
Parvati Sharma
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