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On Fire with Fergie

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The first book to be written about the European Cup winning Aberdeen team of the 1980s from a fan's point of view.

Along with the football, the book is a touching and often hilarious portrait of the friendship between Stuart and his Dad.

Stuart Donald was born in Aberdeen in 1971 and moved to Perth a year later when his Father got a job as a Geography teacher.
As the fortunes of Aberdeen FC waned in the late eighties, He left Perth High School to pursue an HND in business studies with languages in Dundee. Throughout the 1990s He worked regularly in Italy and France. He then attended Strathclyde University where a degree International Business led to a job working for General Electric based between London and Paris.
He returned to Scotland in 2005, where he now lives with his wife Catriona and daughter Elodie.

Late on a winter's night in 1976 at the age of 5, I lay awake in bed, absolutely petrified. Something was causing a man to shout, swear and bang in the lounge beneath my room. When I eventually went downstairs, I found my elated Dad sitting in front of the last couple of minutes of the football highlights on TV. He'd watched his team, Aberdeen, reach the Scottish League Cup Final with a dramatic 5-1 victory over Rangers.

It was the first in a series of events that would forge an amazing relationship with my Dad as we followed Aberdeen at home and away, for the next ten years.

It was a time when the enormous fan base of the Old Firm rampaged through the streets and football grounds of Scotland. A time when we watched Alex Ferguson's Aberdeen rise to the top of Scottish and European football, and then fall all the way back down again...

A warm and witty memoir about a Father and Son as they witness the extraordinary rags to riches rise of Aberdeen FC in the 1980s.

'Often amusing and sometimes touching...much like FEVER PITCH it will strike a chord with all fans whose first taste of football was in the edgy '80s'

'The relationship between father and son, lovingly rendered, is one that will resonate with any male reader lucky enough to have had a dad cut from similar cloth...a magnificent read'

'It's detail and honesty shine a light into murky corners of late 20th century Scottish history'

'Captures vividly a moment in history...will strike a chord for football fans everywhere'

'This is much more than a fitba' book - it's a well-written tale of familial relationships, adolescence, quiet rebellion and growing up'

'This fascinating father-and-son fan dynamic interwoven with tales from Pittodrie under the Alex Ferguson brand is one of impossible dreams becoming reality'

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