100 Business Tools For Success


All the management models that matter in 500 words or less

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The world is full of business ideas. But how do you know which the best ones are? And how do you find time to read them?100 BUSINESS TOOLS FOR SUCCESS may be a little book, but it contains the very best business tools from the very best business brains on the planet. Each one is summarized over just two pages, so that you can quickly enjoy the insights that are driving the most successful people in all walks of life.Discover and start using all of these tools and more straight away:* The GROW model for coaching* The six steps of delegation* SWOT analysis* Scenario thinking* The 7s model* The Six Rs of business* The Pareto principle* Blue Ocean Strategy* The Six Thinking Hats* The 4 Ps of marketing* The Tipping Point* Six Sigma* The seven habits of highly effective people]]>