100 Healthy Recipes: Healing Soups

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Delicious recipes for body and mind

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Warm, hearty and healthy, soups are the perfect pick-me-up for your body and your soul. Healing Soups is packed full of easy-to-follow recipes that flood your body with the key nutrients it needs. Why not try Red Lentil Soup to boost your immune system or Toasted Pecan Soup to build up your fibre intake? This book tells you why certain ingredients are better for you than others and includes tips on nourishment, relaxation and emotional wellbeing.About the 100 Healthy Recipes seriesThese colourful health books are jam-packed with easy-to-follow recipes, expert advice and scientific explanations for why certain ingredients are so good for you. Discover with drinks, soups and vegetarian dishes, which foods can soothe your ailments and taste good too!]]>


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