1,000 Days in Shanghai


The Volkswagen Story – The First Chinese-German Car Factory

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Posth arrived in China with a vision. He navigated a steep learning curve, achieved his goals and now shares an insightful, first-hand account of an intriguing journey that included bumps and highlights. <i>1,000 Days in Shanghai</i> is a breathtaking manual for anyone contemplating a business career in the increasingly vibrant arena of today’s China. It is also a personal account, done with great sensitivity, revealing between the lines a deep respect for the spirit that propels China’s social and industrial revolution today.<br /> —Hans Michael Jebsen, Chairman, Jebsen and Co., Ltd. <p>To really understand China’s economic development, one needs to look at the history of individual projects. This applies in particular to those who are considering a venture on site. This book by Martin Posth is a unique document on the subject: evidence of profound knowledge, didactically sound, with comprehensible conclusions–simply readable!<br /> —Prof. Heinrich v. Pierer, Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Siemens AG, Former Chairman of the German Asian-Pacific Business Commission, Co-Chairman of the German-Chinese Dialog Forum</p> <p>This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to work in or via China. The personal experiences of a pioneering manager can also help management to see the transformation of China in a new light. Anybody wanting to be successful in China should heed the practical lessons that Martin Posth draws.<br /> —Prof. Dr. Eberhard Sandschneider, Otto-Wolff-Director, Research Institute, Executive Officer, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)</p> <p>In establishing the Volkswagen works in Shanghai at the beginning of Deng Xiaoping’s reform era, Martin Posth made a breach in the wall behind which the People’s Republic of China had dug its trenches up until then. His experiences are useful for anyone wanting to work the Chinese market with any degree of success. The fascinating reading that his report makes, and heeding his lessons, can help any entrepreneur to avoid costly mistakes.<br /> —Dr. Theo Sommer, <i>DIE ZEIT</i>, Editor-at-Large</p> <p>For the Chinese, this book by Martin Posth is a historic document on the Open Door Policy for foreign investors. It is a must-read.<br /> —Prof. Xu Kuangdi, Mayor of Shanghai 1995-2001; Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE); Co-Chairman of the German-Chinese Dialog Forum</p>


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