6:20 Man


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The 6:20 Man is a heart-racing thriller set in New York City, from the number one bestselling author David Baldacci.Former soldier turned financial analyst, Travis Devine, is pulled into the corruption and menace that lurk beneath the opulent world of finance when he learns of the death of his former girlfriend.The threatOn his daily commute on the 6:20 commuter train to Manhattan thirty-two year old Travis sees the lavish houses of the wealthy, dreaming to join their ranks. Then one morning, his dull routine is shattered by an anonymous email. His friend is dead, prompting the NYPD to come calling. Before the day is out another ominous visit threatens to dredge up grim secrets from his past in the army unless he participates in a clandestine investigation into his firm.The stakesIn a world where power, greed, jealousy and ambition result in the financial abuse of the masses and the enrichment of the elite few, Travis unearths strange coincidences and unnerving truths. And as the deaths pile up, and the major players show their hand, he must question those he can trust and those he must fight.The pay backThere’s a killer with their own agenda, and Devine is the target.]]>