A Companion to North Africa in Antiquity


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<b>Explore a one-of-a-kind and authoritative resource on Ancient North Africa</b> <p><i>A Companion to North Africa in Antiquity,</i> edited by a recognized leader in the field, is the first reference work of its kind in English. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of North Africa’s rich history from the Protohistoric period through Late Antiquity (1000 BCE to the 800 CE). <p>Comprised of twenty-four thematic and topical essays by established and emerging scholars covering the area between ancient Tripolitania and the Atlantic Ocean, including the Sahara, the volume introduces readers to Ancient North Africa’s environment, peoples, institutions, literature, art, economy and more, taking into account the significant body of new research and fieldwork that has been produced over the last fifty years. <p><i>A Companion to North Africa in Antiquity</i> is an essential resource for anyone interested in this important region of the Ancient World.


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