A Companion to Public Philosophy


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<p><b>The first anthology devoted to the theory and practice of all forms of public philosophy</b> <p><i>A Companion to Public Philosophy </i>brings together in a single volume the diverse practices, modalities, and perspectives of this rapidly growing field. Forty-two chapters written by established practitioners and newer voices alike consider questions ranging from the definition of public philosophy to the value of public philosophy to both society and philosophy itself. Throughout the book, philosophers offer insights into the different publics they have engaged, the topics they have explored, the methods they have used and the lessons they have learned from these engagements. <p>The <i>Companion </i>explores important philosophical issues concerning the practice of philosophy in the public sphere, how public philosophy relates to advocacy, philosophical collaborations with political activists, locations where public philosophy can be done, and more. Many essays highlight underserved topics such as effective altruism, fat activism, trans activism, indigenous traditions, and Africana philosophy, while other essays set the stage for rigorous debates about the boundaries of public philosophy and its value as a legitimate way to do philosophy. <ul> <li> Discusses the range of approaches that professional philosophers can use to engage with non-academic audiences</li> <li>Explores the history and impact of public philosophy from the time of Socrates to the modern era</li> <li>Highlights the work of public philosophers concerning issues of equity, social justice, environmentalism, and medical ethics </li> <li>Covers the modalities used by contemporary public philosophers, including film and television, podcasting, internet memes, and community-engaged teaching</li> <li>Includes essays by those who bring philosophy to corporations, government policy, consulting, American prisons, and activist groups across the political spectrum</li></ul><p><i>A Companion to Public Philosophy </i>is essential reading for philosophers from all walks of life who are invested in and curious about the ways that philosophy can impact the public and how the public can impact philosophy. It is also an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate courses on the theory and practice of public philosophy as well as broader courses on philosophy, normative ethics, and comparative and world philosophy.