A Companion to Religion in Late Antiquity


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<p><b>A comprehensive review of the development, geographic spread, and cultural influence of religion in Late Antiquity</b></p> <p><i>A Companion to Religion in Late Antiquity</i> offers an authoritative and comprehensive survey of religion in Late Antiquity. This historical era spanned from the second century to the eighth century of the Common Era. With contributions from leading scholars in the field, the Companion explores the evolution and development of religion and the role various religions played in the cultural, political, and social transformations of the late antique period.</p> <p>The authors examine the theories and methods used in the study of religion during this period, consider the most notable historical developments, and reveal how religions spread geographically. The authors also review the major religious traditions that emerged in Late Antiquity and include reflections on the interaction of these religions within their particular societies and cultures. This important Companion:</p> <ul> <li>Brings together in one volume the work of a notable team of international scholars</li> <li>Explores the principal geographical divisions of the late antique world</li> <li>Offers a deep examination of the predominant religions of Late Antiquity</li> <li>Examines established views in the scholarly assessment of the religions of Late Antiquity</li> <li>Includes information on the current trends in late-antique scholarship on religion</li> </ul> <p>Written for scholars and students of religion, <i>A Companion to Religion in Late Antiquity</i> offers a comprehensive survey of religion and the influence religion played in the culture, politics, and social change during the late antique period. </p>


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