A History of Mathematics


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<b>The updated new edition of the classic and comprehensive guide to the history of mathematics</b> <p>For more than forty years, <i>A History of Mathematics</i> has been the reference of choice for those looking to learn about the fascinating history of humankind’s relationship with numbers, shapes, and patterns. This revised edition features up-to-date coverage of topics such as Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Poincaré Conjecture<i>,</i> in addition to recent advances in areas such as finite group theory and computer-aided proofs.</p> <ul> <li>Distills thousands of years of mathematics into a single, approachable volume</li> <li>Covers mathematical discoveries, concepts, and thinkers, from Ancient Egypt to the present</li> <li>Includes up-to-date references and an extensive chronological table of mathematical and general historical developments.</li> </ul> <p>Whether you’re interested in the age of Plato and Aristotle or Poincaré and Hilbert, whether you want to know more about the Pythagorean theorem or the golden mean, <i>A History of Mathematics</i> is an essential reference that will help you explore the incredible history of mathematics and the men and women who created it.</p>


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