A History of Modern Latin America


1800 to the Present

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<i>A History of Modern Latin America: 1800 to the Present</i> examines the diverse and interlocking experiences of people of indigenous, African, and European backgrounds from the onset of independence until today. <ul> <li>Illustrates and analyzes the major and minor events that shape history, the triumphs and defeats, and the everyday lives of people of varied classes and racial and ethnic backgrounds</li> <li>Intersperses accounts of the lives of prominent figures with those of ordinary people</li> <li>Emphasizes gender’s role in influencing political and economic change and shaping cultural identity</li> </ul> <p>Student and instructor resources available at <a href=”http://minerva.union.edu/meadet/modernlatinamerica/index.html”>http://minerva.union.edu/meadet/modernlatinamerica/index.html</a></p> <p><i>[Wiley disclaims all responsibility and liability for the content of any third-party websites that can be linked to from this website. Users assume sole responsibility for accessing third-party websites and the use of any content appearing on such websites. Any views expressed in such websites are the views of the authors of the content appearing on those websites and not the views of Wiley or its affiliates, nor do they in any way represent an endorsement by Wiley or its affiliates.]</i></p>


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