A History of Old English Literature


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This timely introduction to Old English literature focuses on the production and reception of Old English texts, and on their relation to Anglo-Saxon history and culture. <br /> <ul class=”noindent”> <li>Introduces Old English texts and considers their relation to Anglo-Saxon culture.<br /> </li> <li>Responds to renewed emphasis on historical and cultural contexts in the field of medieval studies.<br /> </li> <li>Treats virtually the entire range of textual types preserved in Old English.<br /> </li> <li>Considers the production, reception and uses of Old English texts.<br /> </li> <li>Integrates the Anglo-Latin backgrounds crucial to understanding Old English literature.<br /> </li> <li>Offers very extensive bibliographical guidance.<br /> </li> <li>Demonstrates that Anglo-Saxon studies is uniquely placed to contribute to current literary debates.</li> </ul>


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