A Roadmap for Sustainable Waste Management in Developing Countries


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<p><b>Explore modern solutions to the most critical issues in waste management policy and design</b> <p><i> In ARoadmap for Sustainable Waste Management</i>, an accomplished team of sustainability researchers deliver a concise insight of modern waste management practices that acts as a handbook for waste management professionals. Along with flow charts and example problems, the authors offer readers the information necessary to support decision making based on country, city size, population, waste generation volume, type, geographical location, and more. <p>The book begins with an overview of current waste management practices, including waste generation, collection, processing, composting, recycling, and disposal. It moves on to a series of case studies from over ten countries and presentations of sustainable waste management strategies. <i>A Roadmap for Sustainable Waste Management </i>concludes with a series of practical and effective final recommendations for future best practices. It also includes: <ul> <li>Practical discussions of material flow, cost-effective material recovery, anaerobic digestion, composting, recycling, disposal, training, and human capacity building</li> <li>Comprehensive explorations of unique and robust decision-making strategies for designers, policy makers, and regulators</li> <li>In-depth treatments of ready-to-implement waste management systems perfect for systems designers</li></ul><p><i>A Roadmap for Sustainable Waste Management </i>is an indispensable resource for waste, recycling, and resource management professionals. It&rsquo;s also perfect for waste management system designers and decision makers seeking a one-stop guide to issues of sustainability in the developing world.