A Social and Cultural History of Republican Rome


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<p><b>Provides students with a balanced understanding of the&nbsp;key aspects of&nbsp;the&nbsp;culture and society&nbsp;of the Roman&nbsp;Republic&nbsp;</b></p> <p><i>A Social and Cultural History of Republican Rome</i>&nbsp;is the first&nbsp;undergraduate&nbsp;textbook of its kind to&nbsp;concentrate&nbsp;on&nbsp;the ways Roman&nbsp;societal structures, family&nbsp;dynamics,&nbsp;visual arts, law,&nbsp;religion,&nbsp;and&nbsp;other cultural and intellectual developments contributed to&nbsp;Roman identity&nbsp;between&nbsp;509 BCE and 14 CE. Drawing from a diverse range of&nbsp;archaeological, epigraphic,&nbsp;and&nbsp;literary&nbsp;sources,&nbsp;author&nbsp;Eric M. Orlin&nbsp;provides insight into&nbsp;the socio-cultural and intellectual issues that shaped both the Roman Republic and the wider Mediterranean world.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Thematically organized chapters address&nbsp;the&nbsp;practice of&nbsp;politics in the Roman Republic,&nbsp;explain&nbsp;the&nbsp;concept of patronage and&nbsp;the&nbsp;distinctions between patricians and plebeians, examine the impact of the army and militarism on Roman society, discuss the&nbsp;ties&nbsp;between Roman religion and the Roman state, and more.&nbsp;Chapters include maps, charts, images, and links to further readings in ancient sources and modern scholarship.&nbsp;Throughout the text,&nbsp;discussion of several recurring themes&nbsp;connects&nbsp;individual chapters&nbsp;while&nbsp;helping&nbsp;students critically engage the material.&nbsp;<i>A Social and Cultural History of Republican Rome:&nbsp;</i></p> <ul> <li>Focuses on themes other than politics and the military, such as the position and role of women in the Roman family,&nbsp;the foundation of the Roman legal system,&nbsp;and the topography and growth of the city of Rome&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Introduces the basic materials available for the study of the Roman Republic, including written, architectural, and numismatic&nbsp;sources&nbsp;</li> <li>Features a&nbsp;brief narrative history&nbsp;of the Roman Republic&nbsp;and&nbsp;an overview of the text&rsquo;s&nbsp;methodological framework&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Establishes&nbsp;key points of discussion for students, using comparisons between Roman society and our modern-day world&nbsp;</li> <li>Encourages students to critically examine the problems and issues raised by the material&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Covering topics in Roman history that are frequently neglected in undergraduate classrooms,&nbsp;<i>A Social and Cultural History of Republican Rome</i>&nbsp;is an excellent primary or supplementary textbook for courses on&nbsp;the Roman Republic as well as broader&nbsp;Roman history&nbsp;classes that incorporate&nbsp;socio-cultural issues.&nbsp;</p>


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