A World of Love: 10 Short Stories


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Love is for the soul; what knowledge is for the brain!

I would not go as far as to call myself an oldie although I know I have visual memory of how the expressions of love have evolved over the last 2 decades. In an Instagram ready world every love story and proposal is so perfectly planned that it over-rides everything I believe love stands for – an impulsive flutter of the heart, the feeling that you can want to hold someone right now and never let go.

I spent hours at night browsing through some amazing stories of love and proposals on my social media. The diamonds got bigger and the locations were mesmerizing!

I also spent time knowing a completely different sector of people – like us, very grounded. Simple people who were incredible and understood love way beyond the distance a yacht could take you. This is where my journey started, to understand a person beyond their bank balances. To speak to them about how they feel and how they express. Not everyone had experienced true love, but their characters inspired me to go beyond the real. I developed stories for them, knowing they all truly will be thus when they choose to fall in love.

I have been an active blogger on Momspresso, the feedback and encouragement of the team is incredible. These little blogs helped me develop my skill in short stories which is infact the reason I chose this method of writing.

If I had to describe this book in a sentence, it would be “contemporary stories of love, of people who chose to fall in love on their own terms”.

Author Brief:

Karuna Kochar embraced the dream of being a writer at the age of 14, when in high school her teacher had called upon her to congratulate her on her incredible story. It brought her immense joy to know that her words had the power to touch another’s heart.

Over the years while pursuing her career in various roles she maintained her passion for people. Meeting people inspired her and knowing them inspired her stories. Karuna over the years has built an incredible circle of people that surround her. Her idea of a perfect evening is to get to know a new soul over a mug of beer. Her understanding of human emotions comes from the depth of conversations she has about love and life with her friends and companions.

“There is a sense of comfort when I speak with strangers, perhaps because with them I am not afraid to be me” – Karuna