A Young Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery, Set


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<i>A Young Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery</i> is an invaluable resource for practitioners in mental health clinics, juvenile justice facilities, and residential and outpatient facilities who are working with adolescents who have a masculine experience of the world. This is designed for a wide range of youth, including those who are transgender or nonbinary. It is a trauma-informed, gender-responsive treatement program that addresses the impacts of socialization and adverse (traumatic) life experiences and how these contribute to impaired critical thinking, trouble in dealing with emotions, increase their communication skills, better understand their sexual and gender identities, and build healthy relationships. It incorporates grounding techniques, experiential learning activites, discussion groups, and written assignments in an atmosphere of safety and mutual learning. The comprehensive facilitator’s guide explains the theoretical foundation and real-life connection between trauma and substance use, and provides clear guidelines and strategies for conducting the program.&nbsp;