ABC of Major Trauma


Rescue, Resuscitation with Imaging, and Rehabilitation

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<b>An authoritative overview of the management and treatment of major trauma patients</b> <p>In the newly revised, and substantially expanded, Fifth Edition of <i>ABC of Major Trauma,</i> an eminent team of leading trauma specialists delivers a comprehensive, up-to-date, referenced overview of the emergency treatment of patients suffering from major trauma. <p>Covering all aspects of the management of multiply injured patients during the initial, crucial hours after injury, the scope of the book has developed to include imaging appendices for many chapters. The editors have included resources that discuss general considerations for typical trauma cases, as well as the numerous atypical patients including children, the elderly and those who are pregnant. Hyperlinks are now also included throughout the book which enable the reader to refer to continuously updated guidelines. <p><i>ABC of Major Trauma</i> also includes a new companion website containing further resources, including the addition of a CT primary survey video that guides the reader through the interpretation of the trauma CT that is frequently used during the early period of arrival in hospital. An ultrasound resource has also been included on the website, demonstrating common trauma conditions with comparable normal scans. <p>The book also offers: <ul> <li>A thorough introduction to the development and organisation of trauma services, including pre-hospital care and major incidents.</li> <li>A guide to the modern trauma team personnel from airway doctor, to trauma nurse, to trauma team leader, while describing the technical and non-technical skills required for the <C>ABCDE of trauma resuscitation, imaging and the subsequent transfer of the patient.</li> <li>Specialist chapters on ballistic trauma, chemical contamination and burns as well as the management of trauma in specialist patient groups including paediatrics, pregnancy, and the elderly.</li> <li>A new and vital chapter on rehabilitation as well an expansion of the measurement of trauma outcomes to include disability and a discussion on how such audits can drive further improvement.</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for all those involved in the care of the trauma patient, including nurses, physician associates, hospital doctors, paramedics and pre-hospital teams, the ABC of Major Trauma is a one-stop referenced guide to the care of such patients from the site of injury to maximal recovery.