Accounting and Auditing Research


Tools and Strategies

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<p><i>Accounting and Auditing Research, 10<sup>th</sup> Edition </i>prepares students and early-stage practitioners to use well-established research solutions in a broad range of practical applications, from financial accounting and tax planning, to investigating fraud and auditing various business problems. Emphasizing real-world skills development, this fully-updated textbook covers the current tools, techniques, and best practices in applied professional research and analysis.</p> <p>The authors provide comprehensive yet accessible coverage of the entire research process, explaining how to utilize major research databases and audit software packages in a clear and systematic manner. The tenth edition features carefully revised content designed to enhance effectiveness, increase readability, and strengthen learning and retention. The book&rsquo;s classroom-proven pedagogy features expert tips for performing common research tasks, sidebar boxes that summarize and expand upon key concepts, and a variety of end-of-chapter exercises that reinforce the material and develop readers&rsquo; skills.</p>