Acute Cardiac Care


A Practical Guide for Nurses

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<p>In&nbsp;the newly revised Second Edition of&nbsp;<i>Cardiac Care: A Practical Guide for Nurses,</i>&nbsp;a team of dedicated&nbsp;and widely recognised nursing medical experts&nbsp;from around the world&nbsp;delivers an&nbsp;invaluable&nbsp;and practical guide for nurses who practice in cardiac care environments.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>This latest edition includes brand-new chapters on structural heart disease, Takotsubo syndrome, and non-obstructive coronary artery disease. While also covering the&nbsp;essential topics necessary for the proper provision of cardiac care, this practical guide for nurses&nbsp;provides:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>A thorough introduction to&nbsp;cardiac practice, including the mechanics of the cardiovascular systems and the regulation of cardiac and vascular function&nbsp;</li> <li>Comprehensive explorations of&nbsp;cardiovascular disease assessment, including risk factors for cardiovascular disease, laboratory tests, and diagnostic procedures&nbsp;</li> <li>Practical discussions of&nbsp;the detection and management of heart rhythm disturbances, including ECG interpretation, cardiac monitoring, and arrhythmias&nbsp;</li> <li>In-depth examinations of&nbsp;the detection and management of acute coronary syndromes, including chest pain assessment and discharge planning&nbsp;</li> <li>Chapter overviews, key concepts, learning objectives and activities, with critical points intermingled throughout&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for&nbsp;practicing nurses&nbsp;who care for patients with cardiac conditions,&nbsp;<i>Cardiac Care: A Practical Guide for Nurses&nbsp;</i>will also earn a place in the libraries of&nbsp;other allied health professionals in cardiac care settings.&nbsp;</p>