Adult Orthodontics


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<p><b>Complete reference work covering the increasingly prominent area of adult orthodontics</b> <p>Written by renowned contributors from the orthodontic community and compiled by a world-class editor, <i>Adult Orthodontics, 2nd Edition</i> is an authoritative resource on the subject of adult orthodontics, marrying together clinical guidance with a thorough evaluation of the evidence base. It is accompanied by a companion website containing further examples of case studies and a wealth of clinical images. Sample topics discussed within the book include: <ul> <li>Context for adult orthodontics, including patient demographics and aetiology</li> <li>Treatment planning considerations, including patient case profiles, initial outcomes and longer-term expectations</li> <li>Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, including the links between adult orthodontics and periodontics, prosthetics, and temporomandibular disorders</li></ul><p>This book is an invaluable resource for professionals providing orthodontic treatment to adults and those dealing with orthodontics as part of the interdisciplinary management of the adult dentition.