Adventures in Time: Fury of The Vikings


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Take a journey to a vanished world with the ADVENTURES IN TIME series – stories so exciting you won’t believe they’re all true ‘Thunder crashed across the sky. Fire-dragons soared through the heavens. And then, one fine June day, came the warriors from the north – the Vikings…’ Prepare to meet the most terrifying raiders the world has ever known, as historian Dominic Sandbrook plunges us back into the thrilling drama of the Viking Age. We’ll encounter gods and giants, axemen and shield-maidens, from the warlords rampaging through King Alfred’s England to the sea-captains who first glimpsed the mountains of Iceland. For even in the most glittering cities on earth, no one is safe from the Northmen’s fury… The Adventures in Time series brings the past alive for twenty-first century children. These stories are every bit as exciting as those of Harry Potter or Matilda Wormwood. The only difference is they actually happened…]]>