Adventures of Herge


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Hergé is best known in Britain and throughout the world as the creator of Tintin, the dauntless young reporter-hero of the strip cartoon that first appeared in 1929 to instant acclaim. The Adventures of Tintin remain a constant point of reference throughout this new book which draws on fresh material found in the extensive archives of the Hergé Foundation as well as interviews with those who knew Hergé intimately, including his friends and colleagues.This lavishly illustrated book examines the life and passions of a man who, despite his fame, preferred to avoid the limelight, finding inspiration in modern art, the latest scientific developments and world affairs, and seeking enlightenment in Zen Buddhism and philosophy. It establishes the pivotal role played by cinema in his development of the strip cartoon, from the slapstick of the 1920s through the suspense of the pre-war Hitchcock thrillers to the early works of Steven Spielberg – the one filmmaker he believed could bring Tintin successfully to the screen.Apart from the strip cartoons that made his name, Hergé was an accomplished graphic designer and typographer and his highly advanced work for advertising is reviewed as well as his later attempts at becoming an abstract painter.Not only was Hergé fascinated by modern art, but he also became an avid collector. He greatly admired the Pop artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, buying major works of theirs, and they in turn paid tribute to him.]]>



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