After the Past


Sallust on History and Writing History

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<p><b>Provides a unique and accessible understanding of Sallust and his influence on writing the history of Rome</b></p> <p>Gaius Sallustius Crispus (&lsquo;Sallust&rsquo;, 86-35 BCE) is the earliest Roman historian from whom any works survive. His two extant writings chronicle crucial moments of a political, social, and ethical revolution with profound consequences for his own life and those of his audience. <i>After the Past: Sallust on History and Writing History</i> examines what it meant to write the history of contentious events&mdash;Catiline&rsquo;s famous rebellion in 63 BCE and the war waged against the North African king Jugurtha fifty years earlier&mdash;while their effects were still so vividly felt.</p> <p>One of the first book-length treatments of Sallust in over fifty years, the text offers a comprehensive reading of Sallust&rsquo;s works using the tools of narratology and intertextual analysis to reveal the changing functions of historiography at the end of the Roman Republic. Author Andrew Feldherr&rsquo;s comprehensive approach examines the literary strategies used by Sallust and many of the most interesting and significant aspects of the historian&rsquo;s accomplishment while advancing the study of historiography as a literary form, reconsidering its relationship to rival genres such as rhetoric and tragedy. Pursuing a focused and distinctive scholarly argument, this book:</p> <ul> <li>Provides a comprehensive approach to Sallust&rsquo;s extant works</li> <li>Explores how Sallust helped his readers to reflect on their own relationship with their tumultuous past</li> <li>Contributes to understanding Roman conceptualizations of space and of writing</li> <li>Challenges the core assumption that literary historiography of the time period is essentially rhetorical nature</li> </ul> <p><i>After the Past: Sallust on History and Writing History</i> is an accessible and useful resource for students of Latin literature and Roman history from the advanced undergraduate through professional levels, and for all those with an interest in historiography as a literary genre in Greco-Roman antiquity and in the literary history of the late Republic and triumviral period.</p>