Agitator Design Technology for Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals


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<p>Though much has been published on agitation, there has been no resource dedicated to these principles as applied to the biofuels and renewable chemicals industries. This book will allow the reader to have a much more guided resource compared to wading through much more general resources. Readers tasked with selecting agitation equipment or troubleshooting existing equipment as well as those involved in planning activities and allocating resources related to project management will find this to be an invaluable resource. It presents a brief introduction of basic principles and relevant theory then goes on to cover the real-world applications of these principles including economic evaluations of alternatives as well as supplier evaluation principles.</p> <p>Topics covered include Steps in agitator design; Agitator design basics; Agitator impeller types, flow patterns; Agitator design for liquid motion; Side entering agitator discussion; Application guide: Starch-based and sugar-based ethanol processes; Application guide: Cellulosic ethanol and renewable chemicals; Biodiesel Application guide; Pyrolysis Application Guide; Agitation Scale-up; Basic Rheology for Agitator Design; Cellulosic materials and Hydrolysis Reactor Agitator Design; Use of CFD in agitator design; Mechanical Design; Vendor Evaluation</p>