Aircraft Systems Handbook


A Guide to Key Characteristics and Requirements

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<p><b>Enables aerospace professionals to quickly and accurately reference key information about all types of aircraft systems</b> <p><i>Aircraft Systems Handbook: A Guide to Key Characteristics and Requirements</i> provides comprehensive information on aircraft systems delivered in a concise, direct, and standardized way, allowing readers to easily find the information they need. The book presents a full set of characteristics and requirements for all types of aircraft systems, including avionic, mission, and supporting ground systems, in a single volume. Readers can delve further into specific topics by referencing the detailed glossary and bibliography. <p>To aid in reader comprehension, each aircraft system is broken down according to various criteria, such as: <ul> <li>Purpose, description, and safety</li> <li>Integration with other systems</li> <li>Key interfaces and design drivers</li> <li>Modeling and simulation</li> <li>Best practices and future trends</li></ul><p>Written for aerospace professionals, researchers, and advanced students with some existing knowledge of the aircraft industry, this book allows readers to quickly reference information on every aspect of aircraft systems.


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