All the Math You’ll Ever Need


A Self-Teaching Guide

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<p><b>A comprehensive and hands-on guide to crucial math concepts and terminology</b> <p>In the newly revised third edition of <i>All the Math You&rsquo;ll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide</i>, veteran math and computer technology teacher Carolyn Wheater and veteran mathematics author Steve Slavin deliver a practical and accessible guide to math you can use every day and apply to a wide variety of life tasks. From calculating monthly mortgage payments to the time you&rsquo;ll need to pay off a credit card, this book walks you through the steps to understanding basic math concepts. <p>This latest edition is updated to reflect recent changes in interest rates, prices, and wages, and incorporates information on the intelligent and efficient use of calculators and mental math techniques. It also offers: <ul> <li>A brand-new chapter on hands-on statistics to help readers understand common graphs</li> <li>An easy-to-use-format that provides an interactive method with frequent questions, problems, and self-tests</li> <li>Complete explanations of necessary mathematical concepts that explore not just <i>how</i> math works, but also <i>why </i>it works</li></ul><p>Perfect for anyone seeking to make practical use of essential math concepts and strategies in their day-to-day life, <i>All the Math You&rsquo;ll Ever Need</i> is an invaluable addition to the libraries of students who want a bit of extra help applying math in the real world.