American Politics and Society


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<p><b>Provides an up-to-date introduction and analysis of the US political scene written from a comparative perspective, newly revised and updated throughout</b></p> <p><i>American Politics and Society</i> in an accessible introduction to the main institutions of the US federal government, discussing the most recent developments in broader economic, social, and comparative contexts. Now in its tenth edition, this popular textbook applies an international perspective to the relevance of historical trends, research findings in political science, and present-day governmental procedures, structures, and debates. Acclaimed author David McKay guides students through the complexities of the American political system while encouraging them to evaluate the widening ideological divide that now defines American political life and public discourse.</p> <p>Since the publication of the previous edition, America has undergone some of the most dramatic events in its history&mdash;from the COVID-19 pandemic, to the widespread protests against racial and economic injustice, to the aggressive populist rhetoric of Donald Trump, to the bitterly contested 2020 presidential election that culminated in the violent assault on the US Capitol. In this edition, the author addresses the escalating ideological conflict, the rise of extremism in the Republican Party, arguments over the proper role of government, the public&rsquo;s expectations of politicians and political processes, and more. Offering valuable insights into both the social-political past and present of America, this classic textbook:</p> <ul> <li>Examines the policy process in such areas as civil rights, social policy, economic policy, the environment, and foreign policy</li> <li>Evaluates the performance of US government over the last decade and audits the broader American political system</li> <li>Encourages students to critically assess the US government in areas of democratic responsiveness and public accountability</li> <li>Compares international social-political perspectives to those that are uniquely American</li> <li>Discusses of the role of beliefs and values in American politics and how they influence broader society and economy</li> </ul> <p>Thanks to its clear and engaging narrative and its wealth of pedagogical features, <i>American Politics and Society, Tenth Edition</i> remains the ideal introductory textbook for courses exploring the institutions and processes of the US government and the most important events in the current American social and political landscape.</p>