Amorphous Nanomaterials


Preparation, Characterization and Applications

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<p><b>A valuable overview covering important fundamental and applicative aspects of amorphous nanomaterials!</b></p> <p>Amorphous nanomaterials are very important in non-crystalline solids, which have emerged as a new category of advanced materials. Compared to the crystalline counterpart, amorphous nanomaterials with isotropic nature always exhibit fast ion diffusion, relieved strain, and higher reactivity, enabling such materials to exhibit high performance in mechanics and catalysis, as well as other interesting properties. <p><i>Amorphous Nanomaterials: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications</i> covers the fundamental concept, synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications of nanoscaled amorphous materials. It starts with the introduction of amorphous materials, then gives a global view of the history, structure, and growth mechanism of amorphous nanomaterials. Subsequently, some powerful techniques to characterize amorphous materials, such as X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy, spherical aberration electron microscope, in-situ-Transmission Electron Microscope, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy, and some other defect characterization technologies are included. Furthermore, the emerging innovative methods to fabricate well-defined, regularshaped amorphous nanomaterials, including zero-, one-, two-, and three-dimensional amorphous nanomaterials are systematically introduced. The fascinating properties and applications related to amorphous nanomaterials including the applications in electrocatalysis, batteries, supercapacitors, photocatalysis, mechanics, etc., are presented. It will greatly help the researchers to find professional answers related to amorphous materials. <p><ul><li>Great topic: amorphous nanomaterials are a very large and important field in both academia and industry</li> <li>Comprehensive: in-depth discussion of various important aspects, from both a fundamental and an applied point of view, on the chemistry, physics and technological importance of the amorphous nanomaterials are presented</li> <li>Vitally needed: the understanding of the fundamentals of amorphous nanomaterials is a prerequisite for devising new applications of such materials</li> <li>Highly relevant: amorphous nanomaterials have found specific applications in chemistry, catalysis, physics, sensing, batteries, supercapacitors, and engineering</li></ul> <p><i>Amorphous Nanomaterials</i> is a vital resource for materials scientists, inorganic and physical chemists, solid state chemists, physicists, catalytic and analytical chemists, as well as organic chemists.