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<b>Antennas</b> From Theory to Practice <p><b>Comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals and latest developments in antennas and antenna design</b> <p>In the newly revised Second Edition of <i>Antennas: From Theory to Practice, </i>renowned researcher, engineer, and author Professor Yi Huang delivers comprehensive and timely coverage of issues in modern antenna design and theory. Practical and accessible, the book is written for engineers, researchers, and students who work with radio frequency/microwave engineering, radar, and radio communications. <p>The book details the basics of transmission lines, radiowaves and propagation, antenna theory, antenna analysis and design using industrial standard design software tools and the theory of characteristic modes, antenna measurement equipment, facilities, and techniques. It also covers the latest developments in special topics, like small and mobile antennas, wide- and multi-band antennas, automotive antennas, RFID, UWB, metamaterials, reconfigurable and MIMO antennas, and more. <p>The new edition includes up to date information on a wide variety of newly relevant topics and trends, like adaptive impedance matching, the theory of characteristic modes, antenna materials and fabrication processes, and over-the-air (OTA) antenna system measurements. Many questions and examples are provided which enhances the ­learning experience. <p>The book covers: <ul><li>An introduction to circuit concepts and transmission lines, including lumped and distributed element systems, transmission line theory, and the Smith Chart</li> <li>An exploration of field concepts and radiowaves, including wave equations and solutions and radiowave propagation mechanisms, characteristics, and models</li> <li>Discussions of antenna basics and popular antennas, including wire-type antennas, aperture-type antennas, and antenna arrays</li> <li>Information about antenna manufacturing and measurements, including antenna measurement facilities and methods</li> <li>The use of industrial standard simulation tools for antenna design and analysis</li></ul> <p>Perfect for engineers and researchers who work in RF engineering or radar and radio communications, <i>Antennas: From Theory to Practice,</i> Second Edition will also earn a place on the bookshelves of university students seeking a concise and practical introduction to the basics of antennas and antenna design.