Application of Nanotechnology in Mining Processes


Beneficiation and Sustainability

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<b>>Application of Nanotechnology in Mining Processes</b> <p><b>Nanotechnology has revolutionized processes in many industries but its application in the mining industry has not been widely discussed. This unique book provides an overview of the successful implementation of nanotechnology in some of the key environmental and beneficiation mining processes.</b> <p>This book explores extensively the potential of nanotechnology to revolutionize the mining industry which has been relying for a very long on processes with limited efficiencies. The nine specialized chapters focus on applying nanoflotation to improve mineral processing, effective extraction of metals from leachates or pregnant solutions using nanoscale supramolecular hosts, and development of nano-adsorbents or nano-based strategies for the remediation or valorization of AMD. <p>The application of nanotechnology in mining has so far received little attention from the industry and researchers and this groundbreaking book features critical issues so far under-reported in the literature: <ul><li>Application of nanotechnology in mineral processing for the enhancement of froth flotation</li> <li>Development of smart nanomaterials and application for the treatment of acid mine drainage</li> <li>Recovery of values from pregnant solutions using nanoadsorbents</li> <li>Valorization of AMD through formation of multipurpose nanoproducts.</li></ul> <p><b>Audience</b> <p>Industrial interest will be from mining plant operators, environmental managers, water treatment plants managers, and operators. Researchers in nanotechnology, environmental science, mining, and metallurgy engineering will find the book valuable, as will government entities such as regulatory bodies officers and environmentalists.


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