Applied Marketing


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<p><i>Applied Marketing, Second Edition</i> is a comprehensive yet concise modern marketing course that blends solid academic theory with practitioner experience to help students master the core concepts, develop a practical understanding of how to apply marketing principles, and gain perspective on how top marketers operate in today’s business world.</p> <p>Co-authors Dan Padgett, an academic, and Andrew Loos, a practitioner, blend solid academic theory and agency-owner experience to offer students an insider’s view of marketing by bridging the gap between marketing principles taught in the classroom and those same principles as applied by business professionals. Taking a student-centric approach by using digital assets to teach students, as well as having students use digital resources for learning, encourages students to develop their critical-thinking skills by applying core concepts to real-world scenarios. To help students apply their learning and develop analytical skills, <i>Applied Marketing</i> devotes an entire introductory-level chapter to marketing metrics (Ch. 13) and integrates innovative, current, and highly engaging cases – including a continuing case on the socially conscious company This Saves Lives.</p>