Applied Polymer Rheology


Polymeric Fluids with Industrial Applications

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<b>Explore polymer rheology from an industrial standpoint</b> <p>Presenting state-of-the-art polymer rheology as observed by well-recognized authors, <i>Applied Polymer Rheology: Polymeric Fluids with Industrial Applications</i> is designed to help readers understand the relationship between molecular structure and the flow behavior of polymers. In particular, it focuses on polymeric systems that elicit special attention from industry.</p> <p>Providing a comprehensive overview of the rheological characteristics of polymeric fluids, the book bridges the gap between theory and practice/application, enabling readers to see the connection between molecular structure and the behavior of the polymers studied. Beginning with a discussion of the properties, processability, and processing aids of specific polymers, later chapters examine filled polymers and composites, and the theoretical framework upon which their analysis is based. Various systems containing microstructure are presented subsequently, with the final chapter introducing paste extrusion of polytetrafluoroethylene paste.</p> <p>An invaluable reference guide that covers the literature and vast array of technical approaches to polymer rheology, <i>Applied Polymer Rheology’s</i> coverage of polymeric fluids of interest to industry make it an essential resource for plastics, polymer, and chemical engineers, materials scientists, polymer chemists, and polymer physicists to use when interpreting findings and planning experiments.</p>


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