Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Wireless Communication and Networking


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<b>ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT TECHNIQUES FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKING</b> <p><b>The 20 chapters address AI principles and techniques used in wireless communication and networking and outline their benefit, function, and future role in the field. </b> <p>Wireless communication and networking based on AI concepts and techniques are explored in this book, specifically focusing on the current research in the field by highlighting empirical results along with theoretical concepts. The possibility of applying AI mechanisms towards security aspects in the communication domain is elaborated; also explored is the application side of integrated technologies that enhance AI-based innovations, insights, intelligent predictions, cost optimization, inventory management, identification processes, classification mechanisms, cooperative spectrum sensing techniques, ad-hoc network architecture, and protocol and simulation-based environments. <p><b> Audience</b> <p>Researchers, industry IT engineers, and graduate students working on and implementing AI-based wireless sensor networks, 5G, IoT, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and robotics in WSN, and related technologies.