Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss

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You’d think that after I took a bullet in my arm following my last case that I’d be timid about going in guns blazing a second time. But you’d be wrong. I faced down death, and the only bad thing that happened was that I got a cool scar. Which is a like a tattoo, but with street cred.I may have been a little overconfident this time. And that may have seriously clouded my judgment. Some small, but confidently made, mistakes include:Unwisely meeting up with an internet stalker in real life.Eating a large breakfast before discovering a corpse.Kidnapping.Standing uncomfortably close to the edge of a steamboat while musing that nothing bad could possibly happen.Kidnapping, againThat’s the thing about a sense of invulnerability — you usually get it right before things go terribly, terribly, wrong.]]>



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