Automated Sample Preparation


Methods for GC-MS and LC-MS

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<p><b>An essential guide to the proven automated sample preparation process</b></p> <p>While the measurement step in sample preparation is automated, the sample handling step is manual and all too often open to risk and errors. The manual process is of concern for accessing data quality as well as producing limited reproducibility and comparability.</p> <p><i>Handbook of Automated Sample Preparation for CG-MS and LC-MS</i> explores the advantages of implementing automated sample preparation during the handling phase for CG-MS and LC-MS. The author, a noted expert on the topic, includes information on the proven workflows that can be put in place for many routine and regulated analytical methods.</p> <p>This book offers a guide to automated workflows for both on-line and off-line sample preparation. This process has proven to deliver consistent and comparable data quality, increased sample amounts, and improved cost efficiency. In addition, the process follows Standard Operation Procedures that are essential for audited laboratories. This important book:</p> <ul> <li>Provides the information and tools needed for the implementation of instrumental sample preparation workflows</li> <li>Offers proven and detailed examples that can be adapted in analytical laboratories</li> <li>Shows how automated sample preparation can reduce cost per sample, increase sample amounts, and produce faster results</li> <li>Includes illustrative examples from various fields such as chemistry to food safety and pharmaceuticals</li> </ul> <p>Written for personnel in analytical industry, pharmaceutical, and medical laboratories, <i>Handbook of Automated Sample Preparation for CG-MS and LC-MS</i> offers the much-needed tools for implementing the automated sample preparation for analytical laboratories.</p>