Axially Chiral Compounds


Asymmetric Synthesis and Applications

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<b>Axially Chiral Compounds</b> <p><b>Explore this comprehensive and current volume summarizing the characteristics, synthesis, and applications of axial chirality</b><p>Appearing widely in natural products, biologically active molecules, asymmetric chemistry, and material science, axially chiral motifs constitute the core backbones of the majority of chiral ligands and organocatalysts in asymmetric catalysis. In a new work of particular relevance to synthetic chemists, <i>Axially Chiral Compounds: Asymmetric Synthesis and Applications</i> delivers a clearly structured and authoritative volume covering the classification, characteristics, synthesis, and applications of axial chirality.<p>A must read for every synthetic chemist practicing today, the book follows the development history, research status, and applications of axial chirality. An introductory chapter familiarizes the reader with foundational material before the distinguished authors describe the different classes and the synthesis of axial chiral compounds used in asymmetric synthesis.<p>The book concludes with a focus on the applications of chiral ligands, chiral catalysts, and materials. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:<ul><li>A thorough introduction to asymmetric synthesis, including biaryls atropisomers, heterobiaryls atropisomers, and non-biaryls atropisomers</li><li>Explorations of chiral allene, spiro skeletons, and natural products</li><li>Practical discussions of asymmetric transformation, chiral ligands, and chiral catalysts</li><li>An examination of miscellaneous applications of axially chiral compounds</li></ul><p>Perfect for organic chemists, chemists working with or on organometallics, catalytic chemists, and materials scientists, <i>Axially Chiral Compounds: Asymmetric Synthesis and Applications</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of natural products chemists who seek a one-stop reference for compounds exhibiting axial chirality.