Backscattering and RF Sensing for Future Wireless Communication


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Backscattering and RF Sensing for Future Wireless Communication <p><b>Discover what lies ahead in wireless communication networks with this insightful and forward-thinking book written by experts in the field</b><p><i>Backscattering and RF Sensing for Future Wireless Communication</i> delivers a concise and insightful picture of emerging and future trends in increasing the efficiency and performance of wireless communication networks. The book shows how the immense challenge of frequency saturation could be met via the deployment of intelligent planar electromagnetic structures. It provides an in-depth coverage of the fundamental physics behind these structures and assesses the enhancement of the performance of a communication network in challenging environments, like densely populated urban centers.<p>The distinguished editors have included resources from a variety of leading voices in the field who discuss topics such as the engineering of metasurfaces at a large scale, the electromagnetic analysis of planar metasurfaces, and low-cost and reliable backscatter communication. All of the included works focus on the facilitation of the development of intelligent systems designed to enhance communication network performance. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:<li><bl>A thorough introduction to the evolution of wireless communication networks over the last thirty years, including the imminent saturation of the frequency spectrum</bl></li><li><bl>An exploration of state-of-the-art techniques that next-generation wireless networks will likely incorporate, including software-controlled frameworks involving artificial intelligence</bl></li><li><bl>An examination of the scattering of electromagnetic waves by metasurfaces, including how wave propagation differs from traditional bulk materials</bl></li><li><bl>A treatment of the evolution of artificial intelligence in wireless communications</bl></li><p>Perfect for researchers in wireless communications, electromagnetics, and urban planning, <i>Backscattering and RF Sensing for Future Wireless Communication</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of government policy makers, technologists, and telecom industry stakeholders who wish to get a head start on understanding the technologies that will enable tomorrow’s wireless communications.


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