Baking Technology and Nutrition


Towards a Healthier World

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<p><b>A new study of the challenges presented by manufacturing bakery products in a health-conscious world</b></p> <p>The impact of bakery products upon human nutrition is an increasingly pressing concern among consumers and manufacturers alike. With obesity and other diet-related conditions on the rise, the levels of salt, fat, and sugar found in many baked goods can no longer be overlooked. Those working in the baking industry are consequently turning more and more to science and technology to provide routes toward healthier alternatives to classic cake, bread, and pastry recipes.        </p> <p>With <i>Baking Technology and Nutrition</i>, renowned food scientist Stanley P. Cauvain and co-author Rosie H. Clark present an innovative and much-needed study of the changes taking place in the world of baking. Their discussion focuses on the new avenues open to bakers looking to improve the nutritional value of their products and encompasses all related issues, from consumer preferences to the effects of nutritional enhancement upon shelf-life. Featuring an abundance of new research and insights into the possible future of modern baking, this unique text:</p> <ul> <li>Offers practical guidance on developing, delivering, and promoting high-nutrition bakery products</li> <li>Discusses reducing ingredients such as salt, fat, and sugar for improved nutrition while preserving quality and consumer acceptability</li> <li>Explores how wheat-based products can be ideal vehicles for improving the nutrition of major sectors of populations</li> <li>Suggests real-world solutions to problems rising from poorly defined quality guidelines and inadequate dialogue between bakers and nutritionists</li> </ul> <p><i>Baking Technology and Nutrition </i>is an indispensable and timely resourcefor technologists, manufacturers, healthcare practitioners, or anyone else working in today’s food and nutrition industries. </p>


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