Basher Science: A to Z of Science


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A fun dictionary for curious scientists!This handy visual dictionary covers the key topics in the core National Curriculum subjects of biology, chemistry and physics.The A-Z of Science brings the unique and popular Basher illustrative approach of capturing key scientific concepts as quirky but memorable characters, combined with the informative, humorous and accessible text of science author Tom Jackson. This handy guide will be a sure-fire hit with school students learning these core subjects for the first time, as well as a useful reference guide and reminder for older secondary school and university and college students looking for a revision guide.Perfect for both home and school, the entries are organized alphabetically, and cover all the topics you would expect to find in a core science book, from acids and atoms to X-rays and zygotes. Break-out feature spreads cover more complex, high-interest topics such as Forces, Great Scientists, Organs and Planets.]]>





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