Battle of the Beams


The secret science of radar that turned the tide of WW2

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At the start of WW2 the Allies were using celestial navigation to find their way across the skies. They had no means of detecting enemy planes. Meanwhile the Germans were already using technology that enabled them do just that. Had the Germans successfully deployed this technology against the Allies, the outcome of the war could have been very different. Luckily there was one young man, Reginald Jones, helping the British government with their own scientific developments. When Jones explained the beams the Germans had devised to Churchill ‘in quiet tones, unrolling his chain of circumstantial evidence, the like of which for its convincing fascination was never surpassed by tales of Sherlock Holmes’ Churchill immediately supported Jones’s efforts to develop radar technology to help Britain win the war. This book tells the story of Reginald Jones, the man who developed radar tracking with the British government and continued to develop technologies against the Nazis as both sides tried to out-fox the other.]]>