Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies


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<p><b>Become a Java wizard with this popular programming guide</b></p> <p>Consider <i>Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies</i> your indispensable guide to learning how to program in one of the most popular programming languages&mdash;Java! Java is an invaluable language to master, as it’s widely used for application development, including Android, desktop, and server-side applications.</p> <p><i>Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies</i> is written specifically for newbies to programming. The book starts with an overview of computer programming and builds from there; it explains the software you need, walks you through writing your own programs, and introduces you to a few of the more-complex aspects of programming in Java. It also includes step-by-step examples you can try on your own (and email the author if you need help). As you work through the book, you’ll get smart about these Java features:</p> <ul> <li>Object-oriented programming (OOP), a Java mainstay</li> <li>IntelliJ IDEA, an integrated development environment (IDE), that gives you one place to do all your programming, including debugging code</li> <li>Loops, branches, and collections</li> <li>Variables and operators</li> <li>Expressions, statements, and blocks</li> </ul> <p><i>Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies</i> translates all this foreign programming and computer syntax into plain English, along with plenty of helpful examples and tips. Learning a new language&mdash;and coding is definitely its own language&mdash;should be a fun endeavor. With this book as your handy interpreter, you&rsquo;ll be on your way to fluency, speaking the language of coders everywhere!</p>