Beginning ReactJS Foundations Building User Interfaces with ReactJS


An Approachable Guide

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<p><b>Quickly learn the most widely used front-end development language with ease and confidence</b> <p><i>React JS Foundations: Building User Interfaces with ReactJS – An Approachable Guide </i>walks readers through the fundamental concepts of programming with the explosively popular front-end tool known as React JS. <p>Written by an accomplished full-stack engineer, speaker, and community organizer, <i>React JS Foundations</i> teaches readers how to understand React and how to begin building applications with it. The book: <ul> <li>Explains and clarifies technical terminology with relevant and modern examples to assist people new to programming understand the language</li> <li>Helps experienced programmers quickly get up to speed with React</li> <li>Is stocked throughout with practical and applicable examples of day-to-day React work</li></ul><p>Perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced programmers alike, <i>React JS Foundations</i> will quickly bring you up to speed on one of the most useful and widely used front-end languages on the web today. You can start building your first application today.