Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio


A Navigation Guide for Building Wealth

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<p><b>Become a more strategic and successful investor by identifying the biases impacting your decision making.</b></p> <p>In <i>Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio</i>, acclaimed investment advisor and author Michael M. Pompian delivers an insightful and thorough guide to countering the negative effect of cognitive and behavioral biases on your financial decisions. You&rsquo;ll learn about the &ldquo;Big Five&rdquo; behavioral biases and how they&rsquo;re reducing your returns and leading to unwanted and unnecessary costs in your portfolio.</p> <p>Designed for investors who are serious about maximizing their gains, in this book you&rsquo;ll discover how to:</p> <p>● Take control of your decision-making&mdash;even when challenging markets push greed and fear to intolerable levels</p> <p>● Reflect on how to make investment decisions using data-backed and substantiated information instead of emotion and bias</p> <p>● Counter deep-seated biases like loss aversion, hindsight and overconfidence with self-awareness and hard facts</p> <p>● Identify your personal investment psychology profile, which you can use&nbsp; to inform your future financial decision making</p> <p><i>Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio</i> was created for individual investors, but will also earn a place in the libraries of financial advisors, planners and portfolio managers who are determined to counteract the less principled and data-driven aspects of their decision making.</p>