Bezos Blueprint


Communication Secrets that Power Amazon’s Success

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From Carmine Gallo, the bestselling author of Talk Like Ted, comes The Bezos Blueprint, which teaches you the communication and leadership secrets of Jeff Bezos and how to master them.Award-winning biographer Walter Isaacson is often asked who, of the people living today, would he consider to be in the same league as the innovators he’s profiled: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs. Isaacson’s answer? Jeff Bezos.The Amazon founder shares the traits that made Isaacson’s innovators irresistible subjects. These qualities include a passionate curiosity, fervent imagination and a child-like sense of wonder. Bezos also has an intense ‘personal passion’ for skills that he requires Amazonians to learn: writing, communication and storytelling. Now, in The Bezos Blueprint, readers will learn the communication secrets of the world’s greatest salesman. They will learn how to:· Write with the ‘clarity of angels singing’· Pitch ideas through story· Deliver messages that stickBezos was ahead of his time. Now it’s your time to sharpen your writing, storytelling and communication skills to build the company or career of your dreams.]]>




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