Big Picture Strategy


The Six Choices That Will Transform Your Business

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<p><b>Develop winning brand strategies by focusing your team on the key strategic choices that drive organizational growth and learning. This book presents a system of six practical choices that articulate exactly how to launch and grow brands.</b></p> <p><i>Big Picture Strategy</i> shows readers how limiting and focusing the strategic options available to company stakeholders can unlock previously inaccessible levels of productivity and growth.</p> <p>Strategist, consultant, and author Marta Dapena Bar&oacute;n describes the six key decisions facing organizations and teams today and how to develop a winning strategy by approaching these decisions systematically. The book includes discussions of:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>The critical choices that leaders must make to define a marketing strategy and to align their teams to be able to execute on it</li> <li>The four strategies companies use to launch and grow brands successfully</li> <li>How to use strategy-integrated metrics to promote continuous learning in organizations</li> <li>How to increase communications efficiency in commercial organizations through the use of a common vocabulary to frame customer-based issues</li> </ul> <p>Unlike many of its competitors, <i>Big Picture Strategy</i> does not pretend that your organization has unlimited resources or capacity to pursue every area of possible strategic advantage. Instead, the author lays out a systematic and integrated choice-based framework that will drive growth in your organization for years to come.</p>