An Anthology

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<p><b>The new edition of the classic&nbsp;collection&nbsp;of&nbsp;key&nbsp;readings in bioethics, fully&nbsp;updated to reflect the latest developments&nbsp;and&nbsp;main issues in&nbsp;the field</b><b>&nbsp;</b></p> <p>For more than two decades, <i>Bioethics: An Anthology</i> has been widely regarded as the definitive single-volume compendium of seminal readings on both traditional and cutting-edge ethical issues in biology and medicine. Acclaimed for its scope and depth of coverage, this landmark work brings together compelling writings by internationally-renowned bioethicist to help readers develop a thorough understanding of the central ideas, critical issues, and current debate in the field.</p> <p>Now fully revised and updated,&nbsp;the&nbsp;fourth edition&nbsp;contains a wealth of new&nbsp;content&nbsp;on&nbsp;ethical questions&nbsp;and controversies related to&nbsp;the COVID-19 pandemic,&nbsp;advances in&nbsp;CRISPR&nbsp;gene editing technology, physician-assisted death,&nbsp;public health and vaccinations,&nbsp;transgender children,&nbsp;medical aid in dying,&nbsp;the morality of ending the lives of newborns,&nbsp;and much more.&nbsp;Throughout the new edition, carefully selected essays explore a&nbsp;wide range of topics&nbsp;and&nbsp;offer&nbsp;diverse perspectives&nbsp;that&nbsp;underscore&nbsp;the&nbsp;interdisciplinary nature of bioethical study.&nbsp;Edited by&nbsp;two&nbsp;of the&nbsp;field&rsquo;s&nbsp;most respected&nbsp;scholars,&nbsp;<i>Bioethics: An Anthology:</i></p> <ul> <li>Covers an unparalleled range of&nbsp;thematically-organized&nbsp;topics in a single volume</li> <li>Discusses&nbsp;recent high-profile cases, debates, and ethical issues</li> <li>Features three brand-new sections: Conscientious Objection,&nbsp;Academic Freedom and Research, and&nbsp;Disability</li> <li>Contains new essays on topics such as&nbsp;brain death, life and death decisions for&nbsp;the&nbsp;critically ill,&nbsp;experiments on humans and animals, neuroethics, and the use of drugs to ease the pain of unrequited love</li> <li>Includes a detailed index that allows the reader to easily find terms and topics of interest</li> </ul> <p><i>Bioethics: An Anthology, Fourth Edition</i>&nbsp;remains&nbsp;a&nbsp;must-have&nbsp;resource for&nbsp;all&nbsp;students, lecturers, and researchers studying the ethical implications of the health-related life sciences, and an invaluable reference for&nbsp;doctors, nurses,&nbsp;and other professionals&nbsp;working in health care and the biomedical sciences.</p>