Bioinformatics and Medical Applications


Big Data Using Deep Learning Algorithms

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<p><b>Bioinformatics and Medical Applications: Big Data Using Deep Learning Algorithms</b>&nbsp;analyses massive biological datasets using computational approaches and latest cutting- edge technologies to capture and interpretation of biological data. This book delivers various bioinformatics computational methods used to identify diseases at an early stage. The book collects cutting-edge resources into a single collection designed to enlighten the reader on topics focusing on computer science, mathematics and biology. In modern biology and medicine, bioinformatics is critical for data management. This book explains the bioinformatician’s important tools and examines how they are used to evaluate biological data and advance disease knowledge.</p> <p>The editors have curated a distinguished group of perceptive and concise chapters that presents the current state of medical treatments and systems and offers emerging solutions for a more personalized approach to the healthcare field. Applying deep learning techniques for data-driven solutions in health information allows automated analysis, this method can be more advantageous in supporting the problems arising from medical and health related information.</p>