Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement


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<b>Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement</b> <p><b>This new edition continues to be an authoritative reference to the scientific foundations underpinning clinical orthodontics</b><p>The newly and thoroughly revised Third Edition of <i>Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement</i> delivers a comprehensive reference for orthodontic trainees and specialists.<p>It is fully updated to include new chapters on personalized orthodontics as well as the inflammatory process occurring in the dental and paradental tissues. It is heavily illustrated throughout, making it easier for readers to understand and retain the information discussed within. The topics covered range from bone biology, the effects of mechanical loading on tissues and cells, genetics, tissue remodeling, and the effects of diet, drugs, and systemic diseases.<p>The Third Edition of <i>Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement</i> features seven sections that cover subjects such as:<li><bl>The development of biological concepts in orthodontics, including the cellular and molecular biology behind orthodontic tooth movement</bl></li><li><bl>Mechanics meets biology, including the effects of mechanical loading on hard and soft tissues and cells, and biological reactions to temporary anchorage devices</bl></li><li><bl>Inflammation and orthodontics, including markers for tissue remodeling in the gingival crevicular fluid and saliva</bl></li><li><bl>Personalized diagnosis and treatment based on genomic criteria, including the genetic influences on orthodontic tooth movement</bl></li><li><bl>Rapid orthodontics, including methods to accelerate or decelerate orthodontic tooth movement</bl></li><p>Perfect for residents and PhD students of orthodontic and periodontal programs, <i>Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement</i> is also useful to academics, clinicians, bone biologists, and researchers with an interest in the mechanics and biology of tooth movement.


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