The New Challenge of Cyberwarfare

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<p>New technologies are changing how we protect our citizens and wage our wars.&nbsp;Among militaries, everything taken for granted about the ability to maneuver and fight is now undermined by vulnerability to &ldquo;weapons of mass disruption&rdquo;: cutting-edge computer worms, viruses, and invasive robot networks.&nbsp;At home, billions of household appliances and other &ldquo;smart&rdquo; items that form the Internet of Things risk being taken over, then added to the ranks of massive, malicious &ldquo;zombie&rdquo; armies.&nbsp;The age of Bitskrieg is here, bringing vexing threats that range from the business sector to the battlefield.</p> <p>In this new book, world-renowned cybersecurity expert John Arquilla looks unflinchingly at the challenges posed by cyberwarfare &ndash; which he argues have been neither met nor mastered.&nbsp;He offers fresh solutions for protecting against enemies that are often anonymous, unpredictable, and capable of projecting force and influence vastly disproportionate to their size, strength, or wealth.&nbsp;The changes called for require radical rethinking of military and security affairs, diplomacy, and even the routines of our daily lives.</p>